Heygates are audited members
of the Universal Feed
Assurance Scheme



Heygates produce dairy compounds, blends, meals for TMRs and supplements such as Agricell Yeast which will increase yields by up to 2 litres per day.

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The Heygates team of trained advisors will look at the feeds available on the farm and use ration formulation software to optimise the feeding. A computerised farm costing service is available to customers.

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FreshCow Read about the new groundbreaking approach to FRESH COW feeding pioneered by Heygates.


Heygates Butterboost has one of the highest levels of C16 fat in any compound feed and has been shown to reliably improve butterfat levels.


The Classic range of dairy compounds offers value for money whilst retaining the quality that Heygates is renowned for. All diets are supplemented with vitamins and trace elements to ensure that the cow’s nutritional requirements are met.


The Forager range of dairy feeds have been formulated for balanced forage utilisation. High protein diets are ideal for rations based on maize silage or fermented whole crop silages which are generally low in protein. The summer range of forager feeds are designed to meet the needs of high yielding herds that utilize grazing. High levels of digestible fibre and DUP are used to complement grass.
Vitamins and trace elements required for herd health and milk production are included in the forager range.


These cereal based rations supply energy in the form of starch; the feeds are balanced by supplying RDP and by-pass proteins. Specialist dairy feeds can be selected to suit a variety of production systems and can be used to maximise milk yield or to manipulate compositional quality. A range of feeds are available which contain C16 fats. All diets are supplemented with vitamins and trace elements to ensure that the cow’s requirements are met.