16% Protein, 5% Oil, 12.5% Fibre, 20% Starch & Sugar

  • High in digestible fibre, so safe to feed at high levels
  • Maize provides slowly fermentable starch
  • High DUP from soya bean meal
  • Added rumen buffers
  • Contains live yeast to improve digestibility and mineral uptake
  • Linseed provides omega 3 oils for energy and coat condition
  • Optimum levels of minerals and vitamins

When feeding pedigree cattle, it is important that animals perform according to their high genetic potential.  If they are destined for the show ring, these animals need to be in top condition.

Champion Beef Nuts have been carefully designed to be rumen safe.  They are high in digestible fibre and slowly fermentable starch which, together with  the addition of buffers and live yeast, will help maintain a stable rumen at high levels of concentrate intake.

The protein in Champion Beef includes DUP from soya bean meal.  In combination with high levels of rumen and bypass energy, this will maximise metabolisable protein intakes to give lean muscle growth and live weight gain so that animals achieve their genetic potential.

The addition of whole cooked linseed increases energy density as well as providing a source of Omega 3.  Linseed oil helps to enhance coat condition and shine in readiness for the show season.

Pedigree beef cattle are normally weaned at 8 to 9 months of age.  To maximise growth rates a creep feed is normally offered to appetite during the suckling period.  Heygates Maxigrow Calf is the ideal creep feed followed by Champion Beef nuts which should be introduced about a month prior to weaning so that the calves become accustomed to the new diet.